Friday, May 30, 2008

Faith is all dreamers need to see into the future!

Dreams are the essence of life----not as it is, but as it can be.
Dreams are born in our hearts and minds, and if we keep our dreams alive the fruit of those dreams will come a reality.

See beyond the moment and create our tomorrows by what we dream today!

Keep your dreams alive as long as you are alive....there just may be a rainbow when it comes true!!!

Make a list of all the things you would like to do, be and have in our life.
Prioritizing that list will help you discover the ones that are the most passionate in your heart!

This is from a study I did with a small group of friends on Dreams from the book:
The Ultimate Gift.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Through the eyes of a child

As followed my 1 and a half year old daycare baby on a walk, it was so cute to see how everything was beautiful to her. She would smell all the flowers and say "rose!!" Even the dandilions that I try to kill in my yard! She would bend over touch it and say "Rose!!"There was some tall grass, just as tall as her, she played with it, smelled it and said "rose!!"

Can we look at everything and say "rose!" Even the weeds!! hhmmmm?! I think I will still keep the dandilions out of my yard!

Children: beautiful and innocent, sometimes we need to see things through the eyes of a child!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

"Oh, I'm just a mom. I don't have a job."
Have you ever heard a mom say that?
Immediately the hair bristles on the back of my neck and sirens and lights go off in my head. "Just" a mom. How can moms say such a thing? I myself have been known to say it like that.

I assure you it is the most important job in all creation: to create order out of chaos, ensure the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of our children, and shape the individuals that will contribute to who we are as a community and a nation. I don't think we should ever use the words "just" and "mom" in the same sentence again.

Let's unpack that little word, "mom." What exactly is her job description? She's a wife, mother, friend, housekeeper, interior decorator, laundress, gourmet chef, short order cook, chauffeur, painter, wallpaper hanger, seamstress, nurse, guidance counselor, the list goes on and on. She may not get a salary, but the fringe benefits are invaluable: hugs, kisses, and buckets of love.
And hopefully, one day a child that will call her blessed in their own special way!

Even though we change hats from one minute to the next, we can assure our children that our love never changes, our support never tires, and our commitment is to be the best mom we can.

We are not perfect moms but we're MOMS.

This Mother's Day, my hat is off to moms! Thanks for all you do to raise the next generation for Jesus!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Chick Flick in a house full of guys!!!

Daycare kids where sick on the same day....hhhmmmmm.. what shall I do? I have a ton of laundry just because I never have been real good at keeping up on laundry. So I will rent girly movies and do laundry all day. I laughed and cried through this whole movie!!
Couple parts could do without but I recommend this one!! Has a great ending I was laughing and crying at the same time at the end!
27 dresses.......good, but not bragging about that one.
Thoroughly enjoyed my girly day.... need to do it more often!

some music I get up and shake it ! Click the song you want to hear. Or press pause.

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Had a blast escorting Ian at Shine!