Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day !

Mothers Day....A Day that is happy for some and sad for others. For that reason I sometimes don't like Holidays because they make hurting people, hurt more, and lonely people, more lonely, ect. So on this Mothers day if it makes the day hard for you for whatever reason my heart goes out to you and I think about you on days like this. So on this mothers day I want to say I am thankful for my mom, she was a great mom and still is a great mom, friend and Grandma. I am thankful for her for she taught me to be a good mom, she has set a wonderful example. The older I get the more I see myself in her. I take that as a compliment. Thanks for being a great mom! in many ways!

And I am thankful for my mother in law Connie,who gave me Dan, without her I would not have him! We miss her a ton as she has been gone for almost 6 years already.  All the times she would come over and literally make us laugh so hard we would be on the floor. She would take her teeth out and lip sinc to country songs and tell stupid jokes. I only wish we had it on video!! She was a wonderful 2nd mom to me and a great Grandma!!
I am thankful that I am a mom! All I ever wanted to do was be a mom! I have loved every minute of being a mom! ( Well, almost every minute! )  My kids can testify that I NEVER blew a gasket! hahaha! But seriously each one of them have brought so much joy to my life words cannot even express! And I am honored to be their mom! and God made my dream come true 3 times and I am thankful for all of them!!
Jerid...the son who was the funniest little kid ever...he would walk in a room and say " The fun has arrived! Thank you very much!"  or blow a big fart and say " smell the difference!" lol  He was the one who did not like authority as a little kid. In other words we had to stay on top of this one! But we knew he had that personality for a reason and would just sit on his bedroom floor and pray for wisdom on raising him and that God would guide him and use that ornery-ness for good to fulfil His plan in Jerids life!  And we continue to pray for that special girl somewhere out there that may someday become his wife!
Luke...the son who wouldn't warn you when he was upset as a baby...he would just instantly scream! He even scared the ladies in the nursery!! hahaha! The one who had the moves and could dance really good at 2! The one who loved to draw all the time, and then as he got older and picked up the guitar and would play constantly, this one was never bored because he was either drawing or playing music or writing songs. I would also sit on his bedroom floor and pray for God to use him and grow to be the awesome young man he is! I am thankful for we have prayed for Allison since Luke was tiny! So today I am thankful for Allison's mom, Glenna for raising such a wonderful daughter for Luke...our 2nd daughter! she is an answer to a prayer that was prayed for many years!!

Isaac....our first son...the one we looked at and couldn't believe he was ours. The one who was the chubbiest baby ever! The nursery ladies nick named him Two Ton Tony because he was so fat! The doctor told me to quit feeding him so much! I told him, NO. He is perfect. He was an easy baby. He was the natural handy man kind of kid. He wanted to help with everything. He was the little league football player, then grew out of that and picked up the guitar and played and would sing all the time. We had music in our house all the time. I would also sit on his floor and pray for him, to use his gifts and talent too and grow into a great young man that he is today!! I am thankful for Cassie and her mom, Mary for raising up a beautiful daughter like her to be the one for Isaac our 1st daughter! She was an answer to a prayer that had been prayed since Isaac was a baby!

When I say their bedroom floor actually was the same room for they shared till Isaac was 9th grade! I don't think they minded...It made for lots of laughs for Dan and I to sit and listen to them horse around and talk and sing when they were supposed to be sleeping!

Today I am just plain humbled and THANKFUL !
Happy Mothers Day!

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