Friday, November 05, 2010

biting the bullet....cutting landline and going to cell phones.

    this is my kind of phone as a kid....many hours spent on this baby!
  In fact when we moved to the boonies in the mountains of Colorado we
 had a party line....I think it had something to do with being in the Mt. because
  no, I am not that old. was fun listening in on other peoples          
   conversations! ( yes I did that! ) 

   Then it was a big deal to get the push button, to
    be able to dial that fast! Awesome!
   Now, the cordless phone!  How great is that to be able to
   walk around the house, continue what ever you are doing
  while talking on the phone!  This is great except for the neck
   ache that would follow.
   Now the cell phone...we have been sharing one for 4 years now.
  The kids had to have a job and pay for there own when they wanted
  one.   Well here we land line!? No sence
   in paying for both!  feels crazy!  going  total cell.  I will stick to the basic
FREE phones though! I AM a tight wad you know. Great. Next
 thing I know I will be texting like a mad woman.....then again...maybe not!
  Feels weird but this will be good....

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The never ending job of dishes!

I find that if I use the dishwasher as a "drying rack" I will stay caught up better!
It is SO OLD that ya pretty much have to "wash" the dishes before you load it!
So why not wash them really good then let them I do dishes several times a day, a 
few at a time, then there is a lot less to put away before I wash some more!  Now I never have a 
sink full of dirty dishes because I hate to unload a full dishwasher!  Wish I would have thought of 
this a long time ago !  
( this in not a picture of my dishwasher....mine is too ugly to show! )

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Had a blast escorting Ian at Shine!