Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Professional "Jeri-rigger"

My $150 kitchen face lift. 
If you include the new dishwasher make it $400. 
I am an extreme tight-wad ! I would say very overboard. This girl does NOT like spending money. 
So when it came to my kitchen needing a little something I was not ready to totally tear everything out and install new cabinets.  Surfing the internet for "cheap kitchen cabinet makeovers" I ran across the idea of using "bead board wallpaper" on the doors. 
That idea was great except then I would have to be careful because of the lines.  So instead I found washable textured wallpaper.....perfect! Then I trimmed them out with wood and stained them ! 
Here are a few before photos...

     Here are a few after photos ! Notice, I painted over the yellow walls with a burgundy color.


 The picture below is from the dining room looking into the kitchen....

 This picture is from the living room looking into the kitchen...... I am happy with how it turned out ! It should last for several years till we want to really upgrade everything! For now, it is a nice CHEAP change !!!  Better yet....it only took three days!!

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