Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daycare kids

The HOT weather is here!! Too hot at the parks unless we go early so I invested in a pool for the kids! The last few years I have had this:
when my guys were little they had a blast in this! 
The last few years I had the same thing for the daycare kids. They were bored! They would play 15 min and be bored!!
I couldn't figure it out! Good-grief !  PLAAAAY!

THis year I tried this! The Hippo head slide was a huge hit!

Todays kids.......need it a little fancier!!!!  LOL !

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Our church puts on a  "prom" for people that have special needs. This year I signed up to be and escort!
What an great experiance! Something I have never done! It was awesome to see all the happy faces! Smiles were everywhere you looked! The best thing was to see the JOY in Ian's Mom's eyes everytime she would come check on him. She was amazed at the Love shown to her son and all the other guests! That alone made made my day. Along with how Ian made me laugh! He scarfed down his Chick-fil-a meal in the fancy dining room, we played all kinds of games, he liked the penny toss into a bowl of water best. In fact I kind of had to distract him to get him to move on! Once we started dancing...He would not stop for anything! LOL ! We danced the night away!  As we were having fun with all the guests, their parents and/or caretakers  got to relax in another room. 
Ian at SHINE 2011 The Big Party !
Video clip coming soon!
to see last years Shine recap 2010 go to and see it!
Soon the new one will be up on the website.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wedding time! Our Family is Growing and we Love That !

Luke and Allison during the first dance!  They made their entrance to one of  my favorite songs:
Shook me all night long!  AC/DC
This is Allison's family

I love this one because of all the laughing faces!

Our two Daughters-in-law !

The Bride with her mom and I

Me, Jerid, Isaac, Luke and Dan

Good looking guys or what!

What a beautiful Bride!

This one is awesome as he spots her starting up the isle!

Our children......being normal !  I love this one! Dan and I are tying to act as though
we NEVER act like them!  LOL !

grandpa and grandma!

More extended family photos to come.....soon !

some music I get up and shake it ! Click the song you want to hear. Or press pause.

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Had a blast escorting Ian at Shine!