Monday, April 07, 2008

Gray is good!

Last week I went to a bar party. I was looking for an inexpensive gift in the local liquor wine probably tastes like cheap wine... what could I get. Obviously I am not too experienced with buying alcohol. So I ended up with peppermint schnapps. Can't go wrong with that. So I went to the counter to pay...the man was a very small Chinese man only coming up to my chin (felt like an over grown ox next to him) with broken english. So I set the schnapps on the counter and he says: "$8.74 please. " So as I was digging in my purse I jokingly asked him: " Aren't you going to card me?!" He started laughing and said: " No--too much gray streaks!" I started to giggle and said:" that is NOT gray, that is my natural highlights, and I have earned everyone of them!" His reply was "Nooooo I don't think so!" Gave him a good laugh anyway. Makes me wonder how long I can hold out on not coloring my hair. Gray is Beautiful right?!!!! I will say again, I have earned them and I once heard wisdom comes with gray hair!!!!! :-) So I must be getting pretty wise!

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