Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Let them soar into adulthood! (Family Life)

With these hands, I gently cradled this child, held him close to my heart, nursed his wounds and calmed her fears; held the books that I would read and rocked this child fast asleep. With these hands, I made his lunches and drove the car that carried her to school, snapped endless pictures, wrapped countless gifts, then did my best to assemble those gifts. Combed his hair and wiped her tear, let her know that I was near; to nurse his wounds and heal her heart when it would break. With these hands, I made mistakes, and with these hands, I prayed and prayed and prayed. These hands are feeble, these hands are worn; these hands can no longer calm the storms. These hands have done all they can do; these hands now release this child, my child, to You. For Your hands are able, Your hands are strong, Your hands alone can calm the storms. Your hands will continue to do what they are so gifted to do – to shape his life and make her new. Into Your hands receive this child, for my child I now give back to You. In the strong name of Jesus and with all my heart I pray, amen."

copyright 1994 Mark DeYmaz, Little Rock, Arkansas.

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