Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good or Bad Fear ?

Healthy fear warns us of danger and prepares us to react appropriately.

Unhealthy fear overwhelms us with doubt and insecurity; it drains our spiritual life and physical strength. It steals God's peace from our hearts, and robs us of joy in our daily lives. It causes us to become stagnant; unable to move ahead with the things God has planned for us. 

So, are you living with unhealthy fear? Are you ready to replace it with the courageous and confident hope that's found in trusting God alone? By placing our hope in God and not in our circumstances, we're able to get rid of unhealthy fear.  With God, we can face any giant in our path with confidence.

This is easier said then done sometimes...especially when our circumstances seem overwhelming , but it sure is a good goal that I keep striving for~


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