Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Red Neck Woman Like Me

A couple of weeks ago it had been unusually cold here at night! FREEZING! You would never know I was from the mid-west!  Anyway our house was built in the 60's and none of the bedroom windows have been updated.  Needless to say they are quite drafty and I even have to lay towels on the window sill from moisture.  It is freezing up there when it gets so cold so I put sweat pants on..tuck the bottoms in my socks so the legs stay put, a tank top and a long sleeve shirt!  And that is how I go to bed!  Dan looked at me laughing and said " nothing like a red neck negligee! "  Yep! that's me!  LOL !
Hey!  at least I was warm!  
won't be posting a real photo of that one! 

1 comment:

  1. Nice! Can't say I miss Colorado winters. I don't think I can handle that anymore. It's 60 here in the day and I'm cold.


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