Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Time

So sad....No time to blog!  It has been sooooo busy with just everyday stuff!  My days are all running together with no break inbetween the days.   I have been finding myself tired and wake up at 3am and don't sleep good after that!
I have been productive my closet cleaned out, some yucky carpet ripped out and keeping up
around the house!  So that is GREAT !  

Also noticeing I am a bit "edgy" must be a woman thing...So NOT like me to be that way more than a day! But I
make it a point to be nice to everyone around me,  and am careful what words I let out of my mouth.  That is
never an excuse to treat anyone badly!  When I feel ornery for no apparent reason that is my warning flag to keep my mouth shut and know that it will pass!    hahaha! 

1 comment:

  1. That "woman thing" can be a real pain. ; )

    I love the new blog graphics. Very nice!


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