Sunday, July 03, 2011

car shows & wish lists

Last night we went to the Golden Car Show.  No, I am not a huge car fan. Just a small car fan. I like the old Muscle cars the best. Like this 1968 Firebird or
 Like this 1968 Camaro. Pretty cool cars right. Seems like the cars now days are pretty dumb compared to these cool cars!!!

 We had one of these 1980's Toyota Pickup. It was a "beater" but we LOVED it. This is not an actual picture of ours. Ours had a bit bigger tires on it ....It was awesome. We brought it in to the shop to get worked on and the next morning I got a call asking me "why did you pick up your truck, it is not here" WHAT !!!!   Yes, someone stole it ! Three weeks later they found it totaly tore apart and trashed. When we saw it you could barely tell it was ours. BUMMER !!!  but it's just a car right.?  Maybe one day we will get another old one to go 4-wheeling in the mountains with.  Or maybe we will get a couple of ......
 These!!  Yamaha ATV's !!  This has been on the wish list for lets say 20 some years. LOL !  Maybe someday when I am a Grandma we will have a couple of these!  How about a Toyota pickup, a couple of these aaaand a nice trailer to haul them on!!????  That would be good!
Life is full of work work work! And it is good and healthy to make time for fun fun FUN !!! But I always remember that you can't take any of these "THINGS" with you..."things" get old and break and cost money to fix....things, really can add even more work!  What really matters in life are that God is first and your family and friends...your relationships, .....People.  People in your life, that is what really matters ! And they are in your life for a reason.   No one will remember how much money I had or what toys I had... but they will remember what kind of person I am!  

I would still like a couple of these toys though!!  LOL !!!

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  1. I'm not a big car person. But when one of these muscle cars drives past me in my neighborhood, I do check them out. Very cool. My uncle has an ATV to zoom around his property - I can't get enough of it. So fun. Toys are fun. But when it comes down to it there is always more important things to spend extra cash on - like family. : )


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