Monday, December 05, 2011

Domestic Violence

Came home last night to a woman needing to hide until her friend could pick her up.
Yep. She had been beaten by her husband so she got out of the house and called for help.
In the mean time walking down the street in slippers and no coat in the snow hiding when
ever a car drove by. We hid in my back yard and I just held her till her friends came.
She left with friends and I knew she was safe, but it all happened so fast. We could have
sat in my car where it was warmer....(she didn't want to come in the house). So I just held
her her trembling body tight and prayed for her. I told her she doesn't have to stay with
a man who does that to her (black eye, bloody mouth and bumps on her head) and that
she deserves better than that! And so does her daughter!! I know where she lives and
will follow up with her. Now just praying what my role should be from here. She needs
encouragment to help herself out of a bad situation! Its happen before she told me through
the tears....just not this bad. I went to bed thankful she was safe and that I met her. But also
thinking about how I am in my warm safe home and right up the street and around the corner someone is getting the crap beat out of her. Very disturbing.
You know it is going on in the world but when you are
face to face with someone, who is running for safety it just opened my eyes.


  1. wow...God knew where to send her...right in the arms of a praying woman...

  2. That's terrible. I can't imagine being treated like that by your own husband. Hopefully, she never goes back. But it's never that simple.


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