Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get to know your neighbors!

So about 2 years ago we had lived in our house for about 6 years and we only really knew 2 neighbors. ( to which one of them don't like us anymore...pretty much can't stand us and we don't really know why..we have apologized for what we don't know and tried to make it better...but nope, they just don't like us. But we just continue to show ourselves friendly) It often bugged me that we didn't know more neighbors! Oh. we would wave as they would drive by or say Hi as we would walk by their houses but I thought, How sad it is that back in the day people would have friends in their neighborhoods and now days people are just too busy or ??? to make it happen.  So it took me about a YEAR but finally I just wrote out individual cards to 4 women that I knew were home during the day, inviting them to coffee at my house. I am a pretty quiet person and this was totally out of my comfort zone and quite frankly scared me to do this. To my suprise they were ALL thrilled! Here we are a little over a year later of meeting every other week in eachothers homes. We have grown to 10! Here we are at one of the ladies 80th birthday. I am the youngest by about 10 years so they range form 55 to 80 years old. It has truly been a blessing to get to know these ladies! And to know that if any of us needed anything we would have someone close by! So if you live in a neigborhood...just do it...invite a few ladies to coffee.  We started on Wednesdays, but now to work around all the schedules we may have to switch to Saturday mornings twice a month. Even just once a month is great! We keep it very easy..during the holidays we took the month off and then had a Christmas "family" party instead. Make it easy, nothing fancy! You might be suprised at how many great neighbors you really have!!

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  1. I hear you. I slowed down when I had Willa. I would walk her outside all the time and met so many of my neighbors. People I would have never thought to talk to. I have nothing in common with them but it makes no difference. It's nice to see friendly faces everytime you go out your door. I notice the younger neighbors are very anti-social. I guess that used to be me. Ha. I think when you get older you realize how important it is.


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