Friday, June 20, 2008


I have recently been in touch with a friend from 20 years ago!! We had our first babies together. We were young military wives living far away from home and anyone we knew! Our babies were due 3 weeks apart! Hers came first! We spent several days a week together! She was a blast....we were eachothers company, support, fun, and friend.....always there for eachother! Taking pictures and videos of our two little boys! We made wonderful memories together.
But then the military split us apart. They got orders to Belgium. I missed her dearly! I had another baby and life went on. We were in touch a couple of times through the years but that is all. Now that I am in touch with her again I intend to keep it that way!!!!

Do you have a friend that you lost touch with? Send an email or pick up the ever you can, look them up!! And never lose touch again!
Friends are far and few between...make sure you nurture the ones you have!

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  1. I do have a friend I have lost touch with. Your post has inspired me to look them up. Why is it life is so busy that happens. Shouldn't be that way.

    And yes, MODEST IS HOTTEST !!!!

    Consider yourself blessed if you have even one good friend.

    Very nice blog you have.
    Thank you
    Marsha Nelson


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