Monday, June 30, 2008

I am Rich!

Last week I was listening to KYGO cleaning the house to a little country music. Then I heard them say...."Are you a stay at home Mom?" Well, that perked up my ears......someone did some research and found that if you added up everything a Mom does staying at home they are worth.....get this......$175,000!! a year. Wow ! wouldn't that be nice!? Too bad the government (or somebody doesn't pay us to stay home!)

But ya know what? I feel worth more than that! I have three great kids and a beautiful daughter-in-law. Not any amount of $$$$ can replace that. All the joy, love, happiness, and yes some difficult times, laughter, stages of growing up, sacrifice, and all the fun is WAY more of a wonderful reward than $175,000. Words cannot even express! So the world can have the $, I will do what I have to do to be able to stay home, if that means shop at the thrift store, drive older cars, and having less elaborate vacations....that is OK. I am at home and that is where I want to be! So even though I make $0000000.00 a year, I am the Richest Mom anyway!!!


  1. Hi Jerilyn! How fun to find that you too have a blog! You have a beautiful family! I agree about staying home... even on the most seemingly unbearable days, no amount can be placed on the joy I have in being home with the kids. What an encouragement you gave me today... thank you!

  2. Very encouraging to us stay home moms! Thanks!


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