Saturday, July 12, 2008


For five years I have had my Grandpa's bird house hanging in my tree! This is a special birdhouse because he made it 25 to 30 years ago.Well, this summer I have so enjoyed it because finally a little bird family moved in! One morning I saw the busy parents flying in and out with weeds. sticks, cotton, whatever they could find to build a nest. Not long later I could see little mouths peeking out the corner hole when mom or dad came back with food! They didn't use the round hole they used the hole that was from their little home being used and worn out!!!
Every morning while doing dishes I was blessed to watch this little family and reminisce on so many wonderful memories with Grandpa & Grandma out on the farm. Best memories I have as a child!! This fall I will glue the bird house to fix it up a little and hopefully next summer another little bird family will move in!
I love good memories and will cherish my birdhouse forever.

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