Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My husband is working me too hard!

Me trying to cool off!

The before photo

Demolishing the back yard!

Hard work!

Me helping with sprinkler system.

It has been very HOT here for several days. I prefer humid heat better than the dry heat here. At least when it is humid you sweat more.

We started a HUGE back yard project near Mothers Day and hoping to finish early September.

98% of it is totally Mans work....heavy, hot, digging, moving block, shoveling, raking, sprinkler system, recycled black top, and I have helped with most of it, as much as I could anyway! So this past weekend we worked our butts off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I managed to keep a good sense of humor, acting like a construction lady on a T.V. ....showing Dan how he should do things and then it would go quicker. Totally acting that I knew exactly how to do EVERYTHING! :-) totally not true but made it funny anyway. I might as well act silly and laugh or I might cry from pure exhaustion!!! This has been a overwhelming project that has brought me to tears twice but it will be well worth all the effort.

So here I am...wet shirt is not enough...still too hot so I laid down took the hose and wet my whole head and body! That cooled me off! In September I hope to post the FINISHED photo.

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