Sunday, February 26, 2012

Great song!

Jerid just showed me this song this morning and I loved it!!!  In the past few weeks I have learned of 3 young people diagnosed with cancer. Two in their 20's and one in her 30's. These are the times when we ask why. Why does this happen? I have had 4 people in my life die from it.  Yuk. I just don't even like the word. The truth is we will never be able to answer the question Why? The answer is always I don't know. Why so young, Why now, Why me, Why her, Why him, ....I don't know. God never said life would be easy. But one thing I do know is God is the same yesterday, today and
forever! And He loves us. We live in a fallen world and life is hard, some days it is hard to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Life with God makes life worth living! Without him I don't think I would be very happy. So I want to live like that! I want God to use me to have others see Jesus in me! So until God takes me home, I'm gonna live like that!

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  1. Thanks to our grandson,Jerid,for showing you this song...and to you for posting it! Great words! How thankful I am for having a grandson that listens to good music and then shares it with his mom!! Thanks to you BOTH...for wanting to "LIVE LIKE THAT!"
    Love you!!


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