Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Pitbull

I am a huge dog lover ! But I will say I am not too fond of this breed. I agree
that if raised by the right person they are probably nice dogs. I don't think
just anyone should have one. Maybe good loving dog trainers only !!!!!!!!!
Reason #1: My husbands dog was killed by two pit bulls owned by a family friend.
 Reason #2: Like today....I took my 2yr old daycare boy and our dog for a walk.
 I pulled up to the park and there was this guy with his pit bull on a leash. A silly LONG leash.
This guy was a pretty big buff, strong looking guy and his dog was yanking him everywhere.
At one point he was actually having to "jog" to keep up with how fast the dog was pulling him!
Good-grief in only I had had my camera I would have took a video! He looked like an idiot!-with
an uncontrollable dog! It was funny other than the fact that I wanted to go for a walk. So I we waited
for several minutes in the car and let him get FAR away then we went. I was armed with: my dog,
some mace and a pocket knife. Yes this is what I carry on my walks! LOL I am not paranoid, just
aware and cautious! I walk a lot and have been approached by other loose dogs that are sometimes
not too friendly. And one time there was a weird guy hanging around a park. So I always go
prepared to kick some *&%  hahaha. Just kidding!  Back to today...we had fun for a while then
the guy and his pit bull started back my way so we cut our walk a bit short!, and went home.  
I just kept thinking if that dog got loose he would have not been able to do anything to stop it. He looked like a little toddler trying to walk a dog!!! If you're going to have a dog like that you
better be able to control it! Scary! Maybe I will get my concealed weapon carrier permit yet!!
( why this is not posting right I will never know!- sorry! )

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