Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day !

I am so thankful for my Dad and to Honor him on Fathers Day! He was and is a awesome Dad!  he always worked very hard to provide for his family! still working to this day! He had 3 boys and then I came along...I wonder if he ever wished I was a girly-girl??? since I was his only daughter. But nope he got a tom-boy girl and loved me just how I was.  The smell of "skin bracer" reminds me of him and growing up he smoked and so every now and then when I am outside and get a smell of cigarette smoke it is actually a comfort smell! ( I know...weird) but it is! It just means I have good childhood memories and to me it is a good smell. Now I will add that I am thankful he quit smoking! :-)

He always took us camping! I remember when he would go somewhere and I would ask where...He would say " to see a man about a horse" being little enough I really thought he might come home with one!! But nope he didn't. Then in highschool he DID ! He came home with 2 horses! I LOVED it ! I know he got them for him but I just felt they were for me!!  LOL  He taught me what hard work was and how to be a good parent!!!  He has also been a super great Grandpa to all his grandchildren! I am so grateful to have such a good DAD and for his great example!

My Father-in-law Dave! We miss him for he has been gone about 20 years already. He was a big hugger...I smell "Old Spice" and it reminds me of him. He was my Pastor and he told his son Dan to check out that "horse lady" (me) that lived up on that mountain. So Dan did, and here we are!  He was a great Grandpa to Isaac and Luke but never got to meet Jerid. But we know in heaven we will see him again one day!! I am thankful for his wonderful example!

Happy Fathers Day!


  1. Awesome to see the old photos of you and your dad! Thanks for sharing!

  2. (WE) loved this!!!!! But, kinda cried!!!
    We love you and are so thankful to have a
    daughter like you! You didn't tell how he sorta chased you up the stairs that time...:(
    Thanks from both of us...

    Mom and Dad

  3. aaaahhhh I enjoyed reading about your dad and really connected with the comments about Dave. Uncle Dave hugged me a time or two throughout the years. He and Connie were always favorites of ours. Thanks for the memories. Sue Burgett


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