Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Passenger pick-up

Went to pick Luke and Allison up from the airport last night! Called before and flight had been delayed so I knew to go later! Wow! I am smart to call first right!? got there at 10pm drove around the passenger pick-up and back to the terminal several times.  No, Luke and Allison....decided to park and go in.  Went in and looked around the baggage claim and pick-up this time there wasn't even any baggage left ! Weird.....asked around and no-one could help, not even the information one could check anything for me! Well...Jerid came with me and I am super glad because parking garages are very scary at night! So I decided to go back to the car and check the flight info again....I had everything right but............. the day!!! So, tonight I get to go again! hahahaha hopefully come home with some kids this time! 
I know. I am an air-head.  Just push me out on an iceberg now! I am losing it!!!

And by the way this horse is very creepy! Piercing red eyes! Doesn't say "Welcome to Denver" very well if you ask me!
Also if you are coming out this way I would be glad to pickyou up, I know exactly what I am doing and exactly where to go! After last night I have plenty of experience!!  Really I do.

Photo: Leaving on a plane to Mexico tomorrow to celebrate 1 year of marriage to my best friend and most incredible teammate, Luke Burgett!! What a gift he is, and what an adventure this last year has been! :)
Oh! and Happy 1st Anniversay!! Hope you had a wonderful trip and can't wait to hear all about it!!!


  1. You are a hoot! And don't feel bad, we are losing it too! - Brian and Laura

  2. You make me feel so much better about myself...Thank you!!! I do stuff like that all of the time! Thanks for the chuckle!


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