Monday, March 10, 2008

Do you ever ask "Why?"

Asking why. First I will say, I love reading other peoples blogs.....many of them are so encouraging and inspiring! I enjoy working on my own is fun for me. I try to put in funny things and encouraging things so that I too, can encourage any reader that reads my blog.
But today I need to say I am asking the Why question. Why did both my in-laws die of cancer (along with other people close to me)..Why did four children die in a bus crash in a small town in Minnesota..a town close to my heart because I spent every summer there with grandparents.
Why..I have been praying about something that has to be dealt with daily, for 16 years and still no sign of any answer, makes me wonder if I am totally clueless on what I am supposed to learn through the waiting. Today I feel like saying...."just cut me a little slack" (And I am totally aware that it could be worse! So I really have no right to say that.)
I do know that we live in a fallen world and I must have faith that God will carry every burden as long as I keep giving it to him.....He is in control and He can see the big picture even when I can't. I have to rest in Him and trust that all things work together for good! Because they do!
So today I will attack my "Everyday Tasks" turn on the tunes and try to snap out of it and God will give me the grace to make it through today! I have a lot to be thankful for so I will try to focus on that!

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