Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mom is Toughest !???

I have always wrestled with my kids......I would "slam them down" sit on them and ask them "Who's toughest?!" and would not let them go until they said: "Mom is toughest!" I have to admit as of the other day my last son can now make Me say, "Jerid is toughest!!!!!! Let me go!" All the while I am screaming my head off, telling him to be careful not to hurt me! The greatest feeling for a young man is to be able to "beat up his mom." So, no more kids at my last is becoming a great young man.
No raising mamas boys in this house!
Sure glad he knows I'm still the boss even though he can throw me around ! :-) Well, as far as One Tough Mother.......... there is not one at my house any more! And that is a wonderful thing!

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