Friday, March 21, 2008

My nephew Cody Pehrson & A dad home for Easter!

Thank you Cody....we are proud of you! And Thank you to ALL our military!I heard about this story on the radio in the car. Made me cry. Thanks to all our military for all they are doing for America! Do you know someone in the military? Even if you don't, pray for them and their families every day! They are AWESOME!

Maj. Michael Sterrett, a 40-year Army veteran, has been stationed for the past six months in Tikrit.Isabella Sterrett and her classmates sent him Thanksgiving cards, and she makes pictures at school that she sends to him.To keep Wednesday's visit a secret, Isabella's kindergarten teacher, Susan West, had the entire class gather by the front steps to greet a "mystery reader" for the class. They also were given small American flags to hold, but were not told why.Isabella led the students in waving the flags and singing "God Bless America" beforehand.She was startled to see her father."Daddy!" she yelled as she ran into his arms Wednesday afternoon.The 40-year-old Army officer is on a two-week break from his second tour of duty in Iraq."I almost can't explain; it was spectacular," he said after holding and hugging Isabella for a moment. "It's wonderful to get to see her and spend time with her."The moment was equally touching for Isabella. She said he's a "good daddy."Isabella knows only that her father is helping people in Iraq with building."I can't imagine being 6 years old and knowing about (war)," her mother said.Maj. Sterrett said he's seeing progress in Iraq and that it is not uncommon for Iraqi schoolchildren to greet him."It's pretty exciting, because we get to go down and talk to local leaders there," he said. "We've seen quite a bit of progress."

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