Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy butt! His job is a real pain right now...has been for quite some time, so it is good to just stay busy!  Usually this is my job....but this time he did it!  I usually do it while I am in the shower, but this time it needed the harsh cleaner job...ya know, bleach......I hate the smell of bleach, in fact I asked him if it wasn't to strong and opened the window, didn't seem to bother him and I was literally gagging and had to leave the room!  He did a really good job!  Maybe this can be his job from now on!  ( wishful thinking!)
It looks better than when I do it!   Thanks!


  1. I love Meyer's cleaning products. They are all natural. And surprisingly they do a good job. They have a clorox type cleanser that oxidizes the stains. They smell so lovely. Geranium and lavender are my favorite. I can't stand the harsh cleanser - gives me horrible headaches.

  2. I know they give me a headache too. I have tried some natural cleaners but they don't seem to work as good... I will try Meyer's are they sold at Whole foods or any grocery store???
    Thanks for the tip!!


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