Friday, December 11, 2009

Some days I feel like I need to get a life!  People call to check in and ask:  What are you doing?  Well the same thing I do every day.  Get up at 5:15, shower, make lunches, make breakfast, bring people to school, daycare kids come at 6:40,  clean kitchen, figure out what to have for supper, do laundry, make bed...sometimes!, vacuum, do crafts or color , make snacks, wipe butts, change diapers, wipe noses and goopy eyes...yes goopy eyes...hope it is not pink eye!  Bring kids to play lands or rec-center, go to $ store for cheap color books, play games, watch Curious George, walk the dog, change more diapers, play toys, and take a nap,.....Okay I am in the mood for a chick flick, not a rented at the theater!!!  
1 John 5:12   He who has the Son, has life!     I know I have a life, now to just get a little more fun into it!


  1. Geez. Haven't you earned the right to sleep in yet? You make me feel bad for complaining so much. My list is not that long. Most of my day is spent keeping Willa happy. Everything else falls to the wayside.

  2. Nope, Dan gets up at 4, I doze in and out until I have to get up. If I don't get up that early, no shower will be had that day! Jerid has to be to school at 7, so no, I still don't get to sleep in!

    All those things I listed...don't nessesarily get DONE ...they are just always there....they never end! Always there staring at me...LOL!!

  3. Wow! JeriLyn, you are a busy lady! I know, I feel the same way sometimes. It would be nice to have some adventure every once and a while!


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