Thursday, December 24, 2009

The hustle.....of Christmas

Most of the time I am done least a couple weeks before Christmas.   Not this year!  I did not even get the annual family photo taken!  The photo is my Christmas guess that means,  No card from our family this year.    Maybe I will get something in the mail for New Years!   may be, not.
 Two days ago I tried to get the last of my shopping done.  I am in the store....really having trouble picking out the gift!   Now keep in mind.....I do NOT like shopping.   I love giving gifts!  I just don't like SHOPPING!
Everything I looked at that I thought was a good idea....wrong size,  wrong color,  wrong, wrong, wrong.
This was the 3rd store I was was already feeling tired.  With a nice, huge neck ache!  Finally found what I needed!!!!!   YES! I am out-a-here!  So I am standing in a pretty short line,  and all of a sudden there was a bunch of commotion.......some one threw-up a couple isles over! Not someone little either!.....didn't even squat down to keep it in one you can imagine... puke was just every where!   Not just in one nice little spot!  EVERYWHERE!  and A LOT of it!   Oh-my.... I have had to clean a lot of that up in my day,  but boy was I glad it wasn't me to have to clean it up that day!
Needless to say I fell asleep EARLY  that night....on the couch till 3 am.

I am so glad that all the hustle bustle at Christmas time is not what Christmas it about!
Christmas.....the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus!  Born in a manger.    What a night that must have been!  Merry Christmas to all of you!   and remember.....Jesus  is what Christmas is really all about!

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  1. This year I could not Christmas shop because Willa is not allowed in Malls. I felt a sense of relief to be excused from it. But you know, I kinda missed it. The sales mostly. ;)


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