Friday, December 04, 2009

Jack Frost

Jack Frost has decided to visit Colorado!  It is 8 degrees!  This is colder that normal!  The squeak of the snow under my feet and the bite on my nose from the cold, cold air reminds me of growing up in Minnesota!  I am a wimp when it is this cold...unless of course, I was ice fishing or 4-wheeling or something fun like that.   This week we had the carbon monoxide detector go off......furnace is dead!   Our pickup truck is broke....needs a new rear end, and is too old to put a lot of money in.   "when it rains in pours"   So today I will look at the positive..... The new heater is in and working great!  We had enough money to get one.  Even if Christmas will be slim this year, we are all warm and full and have warm running water!  Even though we are down to one car for a bit,  I am glad I can still walk the dog and get on the floor to play with the little kids!  So whether I like Jack Frost or not he sure is very pretty!

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